Some Safety Tips!
Ladies, braid and tuck your hair inside your helmet or shirt. This helps keep your hair from getting caught in the pulley during your rides. So, any piece of hair, clothing, necklace, jacket hood draw string, or other items should be secured and kept away from the pulley.

Everyone wants to remember their trip. If you bring a camera, also bring the protective case and a means to secure it to your person. GoPro type cameras that can be used “hands free” are good if you want to film while you are ziplining, otherwise you’ll only be able to film before and after each zip as you’ll be using your hands to guide and stop yourself.

What to Wear/Bring
Long shorts or long pants, long hair tied back, no dangly jewelry – and as long as your shoes are strapped to your feet, you’re good to go. Please secure any body piercings with athletic tape or remove if possible, prior to arriving for your tour.