Do I really need a reservation?

YES! Reserving your spot is very easy. Click here to book online or call our office at 828.963.6561 to find out when the next available tour starts!

How do I reserve a tour?

Making zipline reservations is very easy! For advanced reservations please book your reservations online through our website. For same day reservations, just call us at 828.963.6561 and our friendly staff will guide you through the process and answer all your questions. Please keep in mind, we often cannot accommodate same day reservations or walk-ins.

What if I will be late?

Please remember you are required to arrive 30 minutes BEFORE your scheduled tour time. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate late arrivals. If you arrive after your scheduled tour time, you will miss your tour. No REFUNDS will be issued for late arrivals as spaces are limited and zipline guests have been turned away for your spot.

What happens if it rains/snows?

Mountain weather can be unpredictable. We typically will not start a tour in the rain, but will usually continue a tour already in progress. Lightening and thunder is a no go, however. Wind is another potential weather issue for us. We will not operate our zipline tours in exceedingly high winds for safety reasons. We do reserve the right to postpone (or pause) a tour up to one hour to wait out inclement weather and then resume the zipline tour.

If we are unable to take out your scheduled zipline tour due to inclement weather, reservations will have the option to reschedule to a later date or to receive a full refund.

Can I wear sunglasses or glasses?

YES. As long there are not too loose on your head or fall off when you look down. We recommend having a strap. We are not responsible for any lost items.

Is ziplining safe?

It’s important to be aware of the risks involved in every outdoor adventure, and ziplining is not without its risks. Ziplining is an extreme sport and, as such, has particular risks that will always be associated with it. With that being said, your guide has undergone extensive training to ensure your safety. In addition to highly-trained guides, Hawksnest Zipline also only uses top-of-the-line equipment. You are in good hands!

Do you have bathrooms?

YES. We have bathrooms at the check-in area; however, there are none on the tour. We recommend using the restroom prior to being put in your harness.

Do I need to bring water on tour?

NO. We have a water station conveniently located on both zipline courses.

Can I bring a backpack?

Unfortunately, you CANNOT bring a backpack, purse, camera, or any loose items with you on tour. If you need special medication on tour, please inform our staff when you check in or when you reserve your tour.